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Uber has made significant efforts in the past years to reduce its environmental impact and increase its sustainability. Aiming to achieve a zero-emission fleet by 2050, they’ve been supporting their driving partners to switch to green mobility with incentives like the Uber Clean Air plan, reduced commission for Uber Green trips and access to discounted EV charging rates.   

And they didn’t stop there. Uber’s key mission now is making greener choices as effortless as the alternatives.  

Keen to encourage more and more drivers to part-take on their efforts for a greener future, they’re launching new features this year, to make it easier both for drivers and passengers to embrace green mobility.  

Here are the new features Uber will roll out and how they’ll help Uber drivers. 

Heathrow Green Curb 

Passengers at Heathrow Airport will be encouraged to book an Uber Green ride having two important benefits: 

  • Exclusive access to dedicated pick-up zones in preferred locations at the airport 
  • 10% discount on their ride.  

Uber drivers in electric cars already earn 10% more for each Uber Green trip. The Green Curb feature will give them another competitive advantage over other drivers — since it will make pick-up easier, more passengers will likely request Uber Green rides.  

Uber also promises to offer EV drivers convenient, discounted or even free access to fast chargers in the driving lot at the airport. 

The Green Curb feature is available only at Heathrow Airport for now. 

Smart charging features in the Uber App 

One of the drivers’ biggest concerns before switching to an electric car is handling the charging process.  

To help drivers overcome this barrier, Uber will introduce several smart charging features into their Driver app: 

  • Displaying the location and cost of nearby charging stations so you can choose the right one for your needs. 
  • Recommending when and where to charge, based on real-time data on charging fares, charging speed and traffic. This will help you maximise your earnings since you can plan to avoid charging during peak demand hours. 
  • Battery-Aware Matching feature will filter trip requests based on your car’s battery level to help you avoid taking trips too long for your current range and rather take trips ending near a charger so you can fill up your EV.  

Eco-friendly routes 

Uber will also make some changes to its mapping system. Currently, the Uber app chooses the fastest route, in time and distance, for a trip. 

With this new update, it will also consider the energy consumption for each route, suggesting the most fuel-efficient one without increasing the trip’s time or fare. It will consider factors like elevation or the amount of starting and stopping at red lights to indicate this.  

This update was already implemented in North America last year, helping Uber drivers avoid 9,800 metric tons of CO2 or 4.2 million litres of gasoline in just a few months.  

Rider Emission Savings 

A new feature called Emission Savings, located on the Account page, will show riders and drivers the amount of carbon emissions they avoid by choosing Uber Green. This could incentivise more riders to choose Uber Green rides since they can see how much they contribute to a cleaner environment.  

Delivery commitment and Green packaging for Uber Eats 

As many Uber drivers also do Uber Eats deliveries to increase their income, it’s important to know what changes the future will bring for Uber Eats.  

Uber expanded their sustainability efforts to include their delivery business as well. Their goal is to eliminate emissions on all Uber Eats deliveries by 2040 and end all unnecessary plastic waste from deliveries by 2030. 

Uber started the journey to reducing unnecessary packaging waste in 2020 when it made single-use cutlery strictly optional in Uber Eats. They continue this initiative by introducing the Green packaging feature, allowing customers to find restaurants that use recyclable, reusable or compostable packaging. 

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