Uber Green is a way for drivers of electric PCO cars to get ahead of the competition, and an important milestone in Uber’s target to upgrade their London fleet to 100% electric cars.

Context: Uber aims to become the first rideshare provider in the world that uses only electric cars. The rideshare giant wants to achieve the ambitious target by 2050 globally, but they want to make the switch in London much sooner, by 2025, so the British capital can set an example for the rest of the world.

To support this goal, Uber has also launched the Clean Air Plan a while back, which subsides EV prices at electric vehicle partners such as Splend, making it easier for Uber drivers to upgrade to electric Uber cars using their EV Assistance. As of May 2024 Uber has increased the minimum assistance provided to £5,000 for eligible drivers.

Owning an EV is now more affordable than ever!

We double your Uber EV assistance to reduce the cost of a brand-new EV


You can think of Uber Green as the next step, in which Uber rewards drivers that have made the switch by giving them an advantage over their competitors that are still driving cars with an internal combustion engine.

What is Uber Green?

Uber Green is an option within the Uber passenger app that allows riders to call a 100% electric car instead of a diesel, petrol, or even hybrid, to help keep London’s air cleaner – at no extra cost.

What are the benefits of Uber Green?

If you’re driving an electric car for rideshare, Uber Green gives you an advantage over the competition. It gives passengers a simple choice to make — to pollute London’s air or not on their next ride. They pay the same fare, have the same convenience, so it’s not a difficult decision, really.

The advantages don’t end there, though, as you get to earn 10% more for each Uber Green ride, compared to UberX.

Who can accept Uber Green trips?

In order to become eligible for Uber Green trips, you have to drive a fully electric car.

Where is Uber Green available?

Uber Green is currently available everywhere in Greater London.

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