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How much do Uber drivers earn in London?

Your earnings as an Uber driver depend on many factors — the time you dedicate to driving, the car you drive, and if you have a driving strategy. To increase your income, it’s important to know your field’s average earnings, to track your expenses and see if there’s a way to reduce them.

How much does an Uber driver make per ride 

Get a new electric car with your Uber Clean Air fund

If you were looking for a sign to switch to an EV, this is the one. Splend is an official Uber Clean Air Plan partner in London, so you can use your savings from the Clean Air fund to own an EV on a flexible, all-inclusive plan, tailored for PHV drivers. 

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Get on the road with the spacious MG ZS

If you want an economical, efficient car, with plenty of leg-room and luggage space, the MG ZS is the answer. Squeezing up to 273 miles range in the city, this car is a market-leading figure for its price bracket. Test it out by calling our team or visiting our Cricklewood Hub, in London.

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Find out where to charge your EV in London

Once you get to know every detail about the process, filling-up your EV is as simple as charging your smartphone. Learn how to locate charging points in London and find which provider is the best one for your needs or find how you can install a home charging unit. 

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What changed about the TfL English test?

Until last year, if you had a language certificate from one of the TfL approved centres, you didn’t have to take the TfL English test. Now, certificates are no longer accepted and every driver must pass the test, whether he’s a new applicant or he’s renewing his licence.

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