For our ambitious customer Mustafa, good news is not good enough if you don’t share it with your loved ones. That’s why after being a Splend customer for only 3 months, he’s already referred two of his friends to Splend. His efforts to promote Splend, along with his safe driving record and good payment history, made him the winner for our customer reward program in August. He received £200 in subscription credit for each of his referrals, in addition to the £500 customer reward, taking his total credit to £900.

I found out about Splend through a friend that introduced me to them. Shortly after, I became the one who recommended Splend to everybody. It matters a lot to have someone having your back and helping you deal with paperwork, and that’s why I stand by getting on a car subscription plan.

He’s been in the rideshare industry for over 10 years, and yet he’s still fascinated by the people he meets. For Mustafa, his passengers are one of the main reasons why he wouldn’t imagine himself doing any other job. He feels that he’s a good driver just by being himself, and people can feel that.

People are the key to this business. It’s up to you as a driver to make them feel comfortable and safe in your car. I don’t feel like I need to make an effort to put a smile on their face. Usually, all it takes is listening to them and slipping some advice if I feel like they need it — I’m like their psychologist sometimes.

Mustafa knows how important it is to get some rest, but he’s doing it in an unconventional way. After regularly driving for 6 or 7 days per week, 10 hours per day, he takes a well deserved long vacation for at least 2 months to regain his energy. He’s very happy with how much he earns now and thinks that long-working hours are worth it at the end of the month, when you add it all together.

My advice for anyone who wants to become a rideshare driver is to do it only if you like it. Don’t chase the flexible schedule or the potential earnings. Go with your heart on this one, because that’s how you’ll really get where you want to.

One of his biggest achievements so far was joining Splend’s Flexi own plan and driving a brand new MG ZS. He chose an electric car because he knew that’s the easiest way to save money in the long run — no high fuel prices fluctuations, no Congestion Charge and ULEZ Charge, completed by a unique driving experience.

Charging my EV is the least worry on my list. There are lots of charging points on lampposts here in London, and because of its impressive range, it’s enough to charge my car overnight. After driving an EV, I think it would be difficult to go back to a petrol car. EVs are so silent and smooth, it’s a pleasure to drive everyday, even with the crazy London traffic.

Mustafa is happy that he found Splend and that he made the first steps towards owning the car of his dreams. He has already recommended joining Splend to a long list of people and he strongly believes that any rideshare driver can benefit from the comfort, safety, and customer benefits that come with being on a car subscription plan.

About Splend

Splend is more than a set of wheels. We’ll help steer your career.

In addition to providing you with the most important tool in your career as a rideshare driver, we also offer ongoing training, support, and data-driven feedback via your personal Customer Specialist. You also enjoy a growing array of customer benefits including discounts from our partners.

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