As the world makes significant strides towards adopting electric vehicles and going green, rideshare platforms are also encouraging drivers to make the switch. Uber aims to have a 100% electric fleet in London by 2025 and has teamed up with companies like Splend to support drivers upgrade into an electric vehicle. Driving an EV for Uber in London has never been easier or more affordable.

Uber’s Clean Air Plan (CAP) was launched in London in January 2019 to help make this vision a reality, and with the recent PowerUp Package announcement, you can make the most of your CAP with Splend  and own an EV on a flexible, all-inclusive plan tailored for PCO drivers.

What is Uber’s Clean Air Plan?

Uber established a fund to subsidise electric car prices at partnering car dealers, helping drivers make the switch to electric vehicles. For all trips taken between 16 January 2019 and 14 March 2022, Uber charged riders a small fee, which accumulated in your Clean Air Fund. Similar to a savings account, you can now access this money to purchase a new electric car.

Uber’s Clean Air Plan is a scheme designed to:

  • Reduce the cost of upgrading to an EV for drivers
  • Boost driver earnings
  • Support the Mayor’s vision of a cleaner, healthier London

What is Uber’s PowerUp Package?

As of 21 May, 2024 Uber is providing all eligible drivers with a minimum of £5,000 in EV assistance under the Clean Air Plan (CAP) as part of their PowerUp Package.

If drivers had less than £5,000 before, Uber are boosting their EV assistance under the CAP amount to £5,000. As an approved Uber Clean Air Plan vendor, all EVs available through Splend are eligible. Eligible drivers simply select the EV that’s right for them before November 30, 2024 and the CAP amount will be applied to reduce the cost. If drivers had no CAP before, they can receive £5,000 towards a new or used EV. T&Cs apply.

How can Uber drivers claim their CAP?

Drivers can utilise their CAP funds in a number of ways through Splend. Our Flexi Own (rent to buy) or Flexi (rental) options can both be used, and we also provide the option to buy a used car outright and use your CAP funds. Here are the options:

  1. Purchase a new EV through Flexi Own (our Rent-To-Buy plan) – option 1: CAP balance applied over the whole vehicle contract (4 or 5 years) and automatically discounted from each weekly payment through Splend.
  2. Purchase a new EV through Flexi Own (our Rent-To-Buy plan) – option 2: Claim up to £75 per week off the cost of your plan through Uber to reduce the price of your weekly payments for as long as your CAP lasts (for £5,000 this will be just over 66 weeks). At the end of this period your weekly payments will revert to the original price.
  3. Purchase a used EV through Flexi Own: CAP balance applied over the whole vehicle contract (term length is determined by the age of the car) and discounted from each weekly payment.
  4. Purchase a used PCO vehicle outright: CAP balance applies to deposit contribution, used upfront and in full to reduce the cost of the car.
  5. Flexi Plan (Rental): Rental cost can be reduced by £75 per week until CAP balance is used up.

How do I know if I’m eligible for EV Assistance?

Drivers eligible for the £5,000 in EV Assistance must meet the following criteria:

  • Non-EV driver: Defined as drivers who have completed less than 10 EV trips in the last 6 months.
  • Have less than £5,000 of CAP, including drivers who didn’t have any CAP previously. Those with CAP balances of less than £5,000 will be topped up to £5,000.

Will I receive a top up if I’ve previously claimed some of my CAP?

If you’ve claimed your CAP via rental claims, you’ll be eligible for a top-up to £5,000, minus the amount you’ve already claimed (provided you accumulated under £5,000 total and have not been in an EV in the last 6 months).

If you’ve claimed your full amount of CAP through Rent-To-Buy or ownership, you will not be eligible for a top-up.

What additional assistance is available for drivers to switch to EV?

  • An additional benefit being offered by Uber is the opportunity to reduce the cost of charging your EV through their bp pulse offer.
  • The first 8,000 active drivers to subscribe to bp pulse are eligible for up to £750 of charging credits.
  • New subscribers automatically become eligible when the subscription is active, and Uber status is validated.
  • Monthly charging credits start when the subscription begins, even before starting the EV adventure.

As an official Uber partner in London, you can use your funds to gain access to one of the electric PCO cars in our fleet. We offer flexible and all-inclusive packages , designed to help you own an EV from our Uber cars fleet and make the best out of your rideshare driving career.


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