Summer started strong for Pal, who is this June’s Customer Reward Program Winner. The £500 reward he took home couldn’t have come at a better time for him, as he’s preparing for a holiday. Pal’s been in the business for over 13 years as a PHV driver. During this time, he’s experienced driving for various companies and gained a lot of experience. He’s been an Uber driver for 5 years, but uses other platforms as well to maximise his income.

He’s not only a longtime rideshare driver, but he’s also been driving an EV from Splend for a year now, on the Flexi own plan. He’s had enough time to develop a great driving score and to form a strong opinion about what it means to drive an EV. We were curious to know more about both.

I drive a red Hyundai Kona EV. I really like it, although I wish it had more boot space and leg room. It has about 320 miles of range, which is enough to cover my needs and comfort as a driver.

Pal charges his Hyundai Kona almost every day. He mostly uses public fast charging stations across London, in order to make the most of his time spent in between rides.

One of the best parts about driving an EV is lower running costs and more savings. As a proficient rideshare driver for so many years, Pal can attest to more money in his pocket every month since he’s been driving an EV.

Before, I was driving a petrol Volkswagen Sharan and obviously, expenses were a lot higher. Now, with an electric car, not only am I exempt from the Congestion Charge or ULEZ Charge during my daily trips, but I can actually save between £300-£400 every week, which is great.

Pal’s amazing driving score over the last year is a direct result of his extended experience as a PHV driver, which doesn’t come easy all the time. After doing it for so many years, he gathered some useful insights to share about what it means to be a safe driver. We asked him about the top 3 tips he’d give to other drivers:

I’ve been driving for 35 years. After so long, my top advice would be:

1. Make sure you have no distractions while driving

2. Don’t ever drive tired

3. Generally, just be careful about your surroundings at all times.

Pal’s experience paid off nicely, as he prepares to spend his £500 reward on a well-deserved holiday in Turkey this October.

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