Splend customers come from all walks of life and we’re proud to have them all as part of our community of drivers. We’re also happy to get to know them a little better whenever we have the chance.

Meet Sinniah – winner of this May’s Customer Reward Program and one of our most impressive customers to date. Week in and week out, he makes sure he’s on top of all the challenges that come with being a rideshare driver and consistently strives to be better.

Sinniah has been with Splend since 2019. He’s also our longest serving customer on the Flexi own plan and currently holds the best driving score across the fleet.

Before picking up his £500 reward, we asked about his secret to holding such an amazing score for so long:

For me, safety is always my focus. I want to make sure that my passengers feel safe and secure at all times. This has served me well so far, as I’ve never had an accident.

Despite the pandemic years, Sinniah not only continued, but thrived in his career as a rideshare driver, while the Splend team has always been by his side for support.

Sinniah loves his Kia Niro Hybrid and it’s what he’s been driving ever since starting with Splend. We asked him about his experience, as well as his car:

Ever since I started, I’ve been very happy with Splend and their way of doing things. I always received good customer service and never had any issues.

My Niro was the first brand new car I ever drove and I’ll always be grateful for the opportunity I received through Splend.

Although Sinniah is very happy with his car for now, he admits having started to look into electric Uber cars models. Whenever he decides to make the switch, we’ll make sure he has the best EV models to choose from for his growing career and his outstanding driving score.

The £500 reward was well-deserved for Sinniah, who knows exactly what he’s going to be spending it on:

I’m going to take my family to the Isle of Wight for the first time in 5 years. My two children are going to be very, very happy about this, so thank you. Winning this reward has definitely made our summer!

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