As a rideshare driver, having a valid PCO licence is mandatory to do your job. Therefore, it’s important to know when it expires and how you can replace it.  

Here is everything you should know about renewing your PCO licence.  

When should I renew my PCO licence and how long does it take?

Your PCO licence is valid for three years from the date of issue. To renew it, you should start the paperwork in good time to get a new one before your old one’s expiry date.  

DID YOU KNOW? TfL now issues all application packs four months before the expiry date.  

How do I renew my PCO licence?

As you already went through a process when you first applied for a PCO licence, you’re probably familiar with the steps. The good news is that the renewal process is more straightforward and requires less paperwork.  

Here are the steps required in 2023 to renew your PCO licence.  

1. Submit the renewal pack forms to TfL 

Around four months before your PCO licence expires, TfL will send you a renewal pack with forms you need to sign and send back.  

2. Apply for a DBS check 

You will need a new enhanced criminal records check from the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). It’s important to declare any variation of identity that appears on your official I.D. documents. 

IMPORTANT: DBS checks are only valid for three months, so make sure to get yours at the right time.  

For £13, you can sign up for the DBS update service, and keep your DBS certificate up to date.  This way, you don’t have to apply for a new check each time you renew your licence, and you avoid the risk of delays. 

3. Get a medical exam 

You must prove that you’re medically fit to renew your PCO licence, meaning you must pass the Group 2 standards of the Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency (DVLA). 

You’ll need to print and complete the TPH/204 medical form. Visit your General Practitioner, so they can sign the form and confirm that the information you provided is correct. 

4. Send a photograph of yourself 

You must provide a recent photograph of yourself. Check the Photo standards to see the guidelines your photo should follow.

5. Complete the Safeguarding Awareness training 

All new and existing drivers must complete the online Safeguarding Awareness training course. This course contains important information on protecting children and vulnerable adults at risk from harm and abuse. 

6. Submit any missing documents from your previous application 

TfL introduced new papers and changed the regulations for existing ones required for the PCO licence application. If you haven’t already submitted these, you need to: 

  • Complete the Right to work check to prove your right to work in the UK. Read more on the EU/EEA nationals guidance 
  • Register with HMRC and complete a tax check using your Government Gateway ID and password 
  • Take the TfL English test if you previously submitted a language certification as proof. Since October 21st 2021, all drivers must have passed the test before renewing their licence. 
7. Pay the fee

To process your renewal application, you must pay a £170 fee.  

IMPORTANT: Don’t forget to return your old licence within seven days of expiring. 

How much does it cost to renew my PCO licence?

The final costs of renewing your PCO licence vary. Here are the estimated costs for each step.  

PCO licence renewal fees
Licence application fee £170
DBS Check £52 (online) / £54 (paper) 
Medical exam ~£80 (or set by your G.P.) 
Post Office® Check and Send  £7.15 (unless paid via credit/debit card)
English test (SERU assessment/Speaking and listening assessment)  £36/£36 

Your PCO licence renewal application costs around £380, if you have to take the English test and submit your application via the Post Office. To make this process easier and save £10, you can submit your application online after registering on the TfL website.

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What happens if I don’t renew my PCO licence on time?

It’s illegal to drive with an expired PCO licence. So, make sure to send the renewal application as early as possible. 

If you send the renewal documents to TfL after your licence has expired, you’re no longer licenced and have to wait around six weeks until you get your new PCO licence and can do rideshare driving again. 

IMPORTANT: If you don’t apply to renew your PCO licence within three months after the expiry of the previous one, TfL will remove you from the system. 

This means you will be treated as a new applicant and must repeat the first application process.

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