Sandor has dedicated the last four years to his family and his job as a rideshare driver. He’s been a Splend customer ever since he started his on-demand driving career. Sandor wanted to reduce the time he spent on admin and paperwork, so he could spend it with his wife and toddler instead. 

I used to work in the catering and tourism industry but switched to ridesharing in 2019 to have a more flexible schedule. The time away from my family was difficult to manage, so it’s easier now that I can choose my working hours. I sometimes tend to be a workaholic, but I temper myself and take a break whenever I need it.

Sandor became a Splend customer in 2019, soon after becoming a rideshare driver. 

I’m glad I chose Splend and stayed here throughout my career because they’re always helpful, on time and professional. They’ve always had nice, reliable cars available.

Sandor is one who likes to make a decision after putting the numbers on paper and seeing if it’s a win for him. 

At first, it might seem expensive to rent a car. But remember weekly fares include insurance, servicing, and a replacement car in case of an accident. Therefore, the total price is  actually very competitive. Additionally, if you exceed the weekly mileage quota, it helps you own your car sooner — the extra mileage fee goes towards your car payment.

Sandor is a big fan of Uber and its incentives to keep drivers motivated.  

I prefer working with Uber because it has benefits for its drivers. The Uber rewards program is the best example. I have a Diamond rank now, and I just received a notification that keeping this rank for the next three months will get me a £650 reward. Keeping your rank higher isn’t that hard with some determination.

For earnings, Sandor set a fixed amount he strives to achieve each month to cover bills, groceries, and the bare necessities. Family is  most important to him, so driving falls second place after being with his loved ones.  

About Splend

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We are car subscription specialists. Don’t take our word for it—drivers rate us excellent on Trustpilot. We can set you up with a brand-new or new-model car on our Flexi own plan, plus we provide the training and support you need to become an Uber driver that’s more profitable, safer, and fulfilled.

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