Following a Supreme Court ruling, Uber drivers in the UK will be classified as workers, as opposed to their current self-employed designation. As a result,

Uber drivers become eligible for paid holiday time, enrollment into a pension plan, and a guaranteed National Living Wage.

The new benefits will be available from Wednesday, March 17th 2021:

  • Uber will pay drivers 12.07% of their earnings every two weeks, reflecting their right to paid time off.
  • Pension plan contributions will represent approximately 3% of a driver’s earnings
  • The minimum wage will be calculated after accepting a trip request and after expenses.

Most Uber drivers already earn more than the National Living Wage, and there’s no cap on how much an Uber driver makes.

The most recent announcement complements the existing Uber driver benefits package introduced in 2018, which includes free sickness cover, as well as injury and maternity/paternity payments.

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