Uber fares are expected to rise in the UK as a 20% VAT rate is applied

Due to fuel costs going up, Uber has decided to charge the Uber passengers VAT of 20%. This decision was pushed by the High Court and has in mind the rising overall costs for Uber drivers.
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Meet the latest winner of our Customer Rewards Program – Alusine

As spring is slowly making its way through the air, Alusine is proudly enjoying his £500 reward, as the winner of February’s Splend customer reward program.
Alusine has been a Splend customer since the summer of 2021. After a short while on the Flexi plan, he took the plunge into car ownership and is now driving the spacious and money-saving MG5 EV on the Flexi own plan.
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Why is this the right time to make the switch to EVs?

We’ve dropped the price of the Hyundai IONIQ Electric to just £225 per week on our Flexi plan.
With a minimum subscription period of only 12 weeks, you can try out an EV and still be flexible.
Why you should switch to an electric car

How does it feel to own an electric car?

EVs are very different to live with compared to a traditional car, even a hybrid. Why is that? Due to its high tech and very comfortable features, that can make you fall in love with it right away.

There are many reasons why driving an EV feels premium, even luxurious and we listed them all here 👇
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The UK’s charging network for EVs has been given a huge boost

In order to improve the consumer experience at charge points, the Government shows support for people without access to off-street parking and provides fast charging for longer journeys.

Therefore, the UK market is expected to reach 300,000 public EV charge points by 2030 – equivalent to almost 5 times the number of fuel pumps on the roads today.
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