As spring is slowly making its way through the air, Alusine is proudly enjoying his £500 reward, as the winner of February’s Splend customer reward program.

Alusine has been a Splend customer since the summer of 2021. After a short while on the Flexi plan, he took the plunge for car ownership and is now driving the spacious and money-saving MG5 EV on the Flexi own plan.

We had a chat with him to see what his secret was to such a strong driving score, week in and week out. This is what he said:

I took my driving license test in the Netherlands, which is also my home country. In driving school, I learned lots of good habits on the road, which I took with me to the UK. No matter what car I’m driving, I’m always focused and make sure I’m alert.

As a Splend customer, Alusine is enjoying the support and customer benefits that come with it.

I’m very happy with Splend and the people here. Whenever I come to the London Hub, everyone is always super friendly and helpful. I also love my MG and I’m eagerly waiting to upgrade to a ZS model as soon as as they arrive at Splend.

Alusine is a modest guy, who always has his eye on the ball – his family. The £500 reward he took home came as a nice surprise for him and his loved ones.

This win came at a great time and I’m very grateful for it. My brother in law was the one who referred me to Splend, so I’ll definitely share some of the money with him. I’ll be spending the rest of it with my family, taking them out for a nice dinner.

We’re confident that Alusine will continue to build up his driving score, as he looks forward to upgrading his car and making the best of his driving skills on the streets of London.

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