3 tips to boost your earnings through our referral program (from a long-time Splend member)

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Bonuses are usually rare gems, something we get to appreciate too rarely to take them seriously when budgeting our money. If you’re a Splend member, however, you really should consider them a reliable source of income. Here’s why:

You may be aware of our referral program, but did you know there’s no limit to the number of people you can refer to us? In other words, you’re free to collect the £75 bonus each time you refer a new friend or family member – it’s only up to you and your networking skills.

How to maximise your referral revenue?

There are a couple of things you can do in order to boost your referral income, but where exactly should you start? Who else would know the answer better than someone who has already built a consistent revenue stream on Splend referrals?

We asked one of our members who has already brought more than five new drivers to Splend, continuing to cash in on the referral bonus. He was kind enough to share his strategy with us, which can be summed up in the 3 tips below:

1. Referral cards

“I make sure to have some Splend referral cards with me all the time, in my glove box as well as my wallet. I always write my referral code on these cards when I hand them out. Before I run out of cards, I always text my Member Success Representative to have some new ones ready for our next appointment.”

If you need new referral cards right away,
you can also print your own and fill it in with your unique code


2. Social media

“Back when I signed up to Splend I shared a photo of me picking up my new car on Facebook and Instagram. I had no idea at the time, but it proved to be a brilliant move. Almost instantly, some of my friends started asking me about driving Uber and how to get a car that is eligible for Uber. Since then I’ve posted multiple images of me driving Uber with Splend, and it always sparks an interesting conversation.”

3. Splend Member Events

“I make it a goal to bring at least one friend to every Splend Member Event. These events are great to introduce people to what the company stands for and to give them an idea of how it can help them get started with Uber. I don’t need to convince anyone to sign up – I simply tell them what I do, how Splend works, and maybe answer their questions. It’s really the experience they have meeting the staff and other drivers that counts the most anyway.”

About Splend

Splend is more than a set of wheels. We’ll help steer your career.

In addition to providing you with the most important tool in your career as a rideshare driver, we also offer ongoing training, support, and data-driven feedback via your personal Member Success Representative. You also enjoy a growing array of member benefits including discounts from our partners.

For more information about Splend, drop by our Member Support Centre at 393 Edgware Road Cricklewood, London,  email us, or say hello on 0333 016 4331


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