On your way to become an Uber driver in London? You’ve probably wondered if you can buy a car through Uber, or if a car subscription is worth it for PCO driving. Here are 14 benefits you should be aware of before deciding whether to get an Uber car through traditional PHV car finance or join a car subscription plan, such as Splend’s Flexi own. 

Before we discuss car subscription vs. car finance, let’s answer the main questions.

Can you buy a car through Uber?

No. Although ridesharing wouldn’t be possible without a steady supply of good-quality cars, Uber is not a car supplier, and they don’t have their own fleet. Drivers either rent, subscribe or use their own car to drive with Uber. 

Is a car subscription worth it for Uber driving?

Yes. Thousands of people drive a subscription car for Uber instead of buying or financing a car. This particular way of accessing a car is becoming significantly popular in the UK. In fact, according to a study conducted by Volkswagen Financial Services, at least 39% of people aged 35-44 are interested in accessing a car via a subscription, similar to services such as Netflix and Spotify, where you can cancel anytime.

One advantage is that you can change your mind — if you decide that Uber driving is not for you, you can hand back the car after the minimum subscription period.

How much does car financing cost per week?

Subscribing to drive a car for rideshare is not only more convenient than financing, but also cheaper. And it’s also considered halal.

DIY car finance Splend Flexi own
Car payment1 £194 included
Rideshare insurance2 £60 included
Servicing3 £8.5 included
Maintenance4 £12.5 included
All the essentials5 £4 included
Total weekly payment £279 £269

1Estimation based on a 2022 MG ZS Long Range EV at a driveaway RRP cost of £31,995 (as of December 2022). Pricing is based on a £31,000 loan paid monthly over four years at a 12% APR.

2Estimation based on a 32-year-old driver residing in South London, with no at-fault accident claims in the past 5 years. The actual cost of your insurance policy might be different, and additional criteria may apply.

3Estimation calculated based on MG’s scheduled servicing to 100,000 miles as per the manufacturer’s guidelines.

4Estimation based on 10 replacement tyres, 4 replacement sets of front brake pads, 2 replacement sets for front brake discs, 1 replacement set of windscreen wiper blades for a MG ZS Long Range EV over 4 years.

5Estimation based on the following paperwork required for a MG ZS Long Range EV: Car tax or Vehicle Excise Duty (annual tax required for all cars used on public roads), MOT (Ministry of Transport) test (annual check for safety, roadworthiness, and emissions),  PHV (Private Hire Vehicle) licence (annual inspection required for all taxis and private hire cars).

Splend Flexi own plan vs. car finance

For less than the cost of DIY car finance, our Flexi own plan comes packed with features to help you minimise admin and maximise your income. We summarized below all the benefits of the Flexi own plan for the MG ZS, a comfortable and spacious electric SUV, with an impressive 273-mile range. Click the items in the first column to read more.

Car finance Splend Flexi own
No large deposit
Flexible car ownership
Low credit score accepted
Replacement car
Scheduled maintenance
PHV licence
Rideshare insurance
MOT car inspection
Customer benefits
Referral bonus
Dedicated support
Early buyout
24/7 roadside assistance
Weekly payment £279 £269

1. No large deposit

We don’t charge a deposit, but we do charge a one-off, non-refundable setup fee when you sign up.

2. Flexible car ownership

When you buy a car through traditional finance, you also commit to a 4-5 year lease, with no flexibility to return the car. With the Flexi own plan, you can expect to own your car within 3-4 years with the added flexibility of being able to hand back the keys after a minimum subscription period of 6 months, with no exit fee. 

3. Low credit score accepted

Traditional car finance requires a good credit rating and a lot of supporting documents prior to approval. At Splend, we always collect subscription payments one week in advance, so we can consider every application regardless of credit history. 

To date, we’ve approved 93% of applications received, and our team will always recommend the Splend product that’s right for your situation. 

4. Replacement car

We give you a replacement car* if you ever have an accident, so you can continue to work and earn whilst your car is being repaired.

*subject to availability

5. Scheduled maintenance

Any professional driver knows that if you take care of your car, it will also take care of you. Maintaining your car can be a hassle at times, but not if you are a Splend customer. Just give your Customer Specialist a call, let them know what needs fixing, and they will set up an appointment for you at the nearest service partner. 

The costs? That’s the best part, and it deserves a separate paragraph.

6. Maintenance pack

Some parts don’t last forever and need to be replaced periodically in order to meet roadworthiness standards, and not least for your safety. If you’ve ever owned a car you know that these can slowly burn a hole in your pocket.

The Flexi own plan includes the following parts over the length of your agreement:

  • 10 replacement tyres
  • 4 replacement sets of front brake pads
  • 1 replacement set of windscreen wiper blades

7. PHV licence

All Splend cars have a valid PHV licence, so once your personal documents are in order, you can just start driving and let us handle any paperwork.

8. Rideshare insurance

At Splend, the weekly subscription fee includes comprehensive rideshare insurance which provides liability cover for you and your passengers, as well as comprehensive car cover for most day-to-day driving. This includes driving the car for business use such as ridesharing and work with delivery apps, such as Uber Eats.

9. MOT car inspection

All of our cars are roadworthy and inspected by Uber. They’re always ready for you to jump behind the wheel and start earning an income.

At Splend:

  • All cars are inspected by licensed mechanics
  • We cover the six-monthly MOT
  • We schedule appointments and notify you in good time. You just have to take the car to the specified centre.

10. Customer benefits

Being a Splend customer means more than signing an agreement and subscribing to drive a car long-term. Apart from having your very own Customer Specialist to help you with everything from paperwork to data-driven feedback to maximise your earnings, you can also access a growing list of customer benefits such as:

  • Access to the Splend app, which allows you to track earnings and expenses
  • Enrolling in our Driver Success Program, which uses real-time data to provide feedback on improving your driving behaviour. This helps decrease fuel or charging costs, as well as the chance of being involved in an accident.
  • £500 monthly rewards program
  • Partner discounts
  • Access to exclusive customer events

11. Referral bonus

Our referral program is a unique earning opportunity. By referring a new Splend customer to a Flexi or Flexi own plan, you’ll receive a £200 payment for each person you refer and joins a Splend plan, and your friend gets a £29 discount to use on their weekly payment. It’s a win-win!

Read more about the Splend referral program

12. Dedicated support

As a Splend customer you receive a dedicated Customer Specialist to support you to become successful on the roads. They provide you with business mentoring, offer tips & tricks support, and data-driven feedback.

13. Early buyout

You can request an early buyout within the last 12 months of your contract and pay the remaining fees in one go.

14. 24/7 roadside assistance

Our roadside assistance team are available 24/7. Whether an accident or a breakdown, you can rest assured Splend will be there to help. 

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