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On-demand drivers meet impressive growth in passenger demand due to easing restrictions

Recent studies show more than a third of passengers (34%) will be relying on taxis because they plan to socialise more and say taxis are a better option. Around 10% of those planning to take more taxis say it is easier now to book them as there are more on the roads. This is the moment for on-demand drivers, like you, to thrive. Learn how we can help you earn more and why our services stand out in the industry.
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We’ve reduced our prices for the Flexi plan

We’re excited to announce that we’ve reduced our prices on our Flexi plan across our range of petrol-hybrid cars. You can now save up to £24 per week while taking advantage of the unprecedented rideshare demand in London.
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Uber plans to recruit 20,000 more drivers in the UK

In order to fill the increasing demand for rides in the UK, Uber plans to recruit more than 20,000 drivers to meet the current demand. At Splend, we can always help you join the on-demand driver squad, handle your paperwork and offer you the car that will help you thrive.
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Is it worth it to buy an electric car? 4 trends to keep an eye on

The electric car revolution is well underway, with more and more drivers making the switch to electric cars. Here are a few important trends that suggest the time is right to upgrade and you should be the first to read them.
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