Here are the latest industry On-demand news – April 2021, to keep you informed and up to date for your next successful ride.

Electric cars arrive at Splend

We’ve received our first shipment of the award-winning Hyundai Ioniq Electric, the first fully electric addition to our Flexi own plan. With a charging time similar to a smartphone, and 2-3 days’ worth of range for on-demand driving in London, the Ioniq Electric combines leading technology with impressive performance.

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A new set of restrictions lifted on 12th April

Non-essential retail and personal care businesses have re-opened, as well as outdoors hospitality.
Pubs and eateries are finally back on the map starting 12th April – a welcome boost for earnings.

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Uber supports drivers who choose electric cars

Uber promises to offer drivers of fully electric cars a reduced service fee of 15% with the Uber Green initiative, as the platform is aiming to go fully electric in London by 2025.

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How Uber’s Clean Air Fund can help you buy a new car

Uber has partnered with car providers like Splend to help drivers access electric cars through the Clean Air Plan. Think of it as a savings account, but instead of putting part of your earnings aside, Uber charges your riders a small fee. You can then access the money raised when buying a new electric car through EV partners.

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