The EV revolution is well underway, with more and more drivers making the switch to electric cars, especially rideshare drivers. Even before looking up how to become an Uber driver, you’ve probably searched for the most cost effective car option for Uber. To spoil the surprise, in the UK it’s definitely best to go for an EV. If a few years ago electric cars seemed Science-Fiction, they now became way more accessible to the general public than we could have imagined. Their battery range and charging time has significantly improved over time, and, most importantly, their prices have lowered down, making EVs competitive to traditional petrol cars. Not to mention the numerous benefits of driving an London, from ULEZ and Congestion charge exemption to discounted resident parking permits.  

The EV industry had a boom in 2021 with 6.6 million EV and hybrid plug-in cars sold. There were more EVs sold in each week of 2021 than in the whole of 2012.

The increasing sales trend continued in 2023, electric car sales increasing by 40%, more than one in ten new cars being an EV.

We’ve highlighted five important reasons why this is the perfect year to upgrade to EVs.

1. Increasing range

One of the earliest concerns about electric cars was the relatively small distance they could travel between charges. However, car manufacturers have made significant improvements in time when it comes to driving range. Before wondering , you’

Take the game changer Volkswagen ID.3 as an example. Back in 2013, Volkswagen introduced their first fully-electric car — the Volkswagen e-Golf, with a practical all-electric range of 80 to 118 miles. Now, the 2021 award winning ID.3 has a WLTP range of up to 264 miles. 

Most PCO drivers travel an average of 150-200 miles per day — so any EV that can cover that distance is everything you need.

If electric car range only continues to improve, when is the best time to make the switch? As a general rule, it’s worth waiting a few years when a new technology enters the market. With electric cars being now a piece of interest for most of the car manufacturers, now is the ideal time to make the switch.

2. Growing charging network

New charging stations are popping up all over the city. There are now more than 45,000 charging points across the UK in around 26,000 locations, as at July 2023. These figures do not include home charging stations or at workplace locations.


Most of these charging points are in Greater London, and hundreds of new ones are being installed every month. Not only has the car range improved over the time, but the charging time was also significantly reduced. For reference, the MG ZS can charge up to 80% for its 273 miles range in just 60 minutes. Getting access to these stations is much easier now as well, thanks to the numerous EV charging apps that emerged. Check which are the best EV apps in London at the moment.

Growth in EV chargers in the UK

3. Extended ULEZ

Starting 29 August 2023, the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) expands to cover the entire area of Greater London. All cars driving within this area must be ULEZ compliant to be exempt from paying the ULEZ Charge. Fully-electric cars are all ULEZ-compliant. Moreover, until 2025, electric cars are exempt from paying the Congestion Charge as well.

4. Increasing petrol prices

In 2022, fuel prices have reached record highs, keeping the same trend in 2023 as well. Fuel costs depend a lot on the crude oil price, which is easily influenced by any major change in the social and economical context. 

If you make the switch to an electric car, you don’t need to worry about such drastic fluctuations, since the price of electricity is more regulated.

Average petrol pump price, January 2021 – January 2023 (source: RAC/Experian Catalyst)


5. Financial incentives 

Even if the overall cost of an electric car might seem high at first, it’s an investment you will get back in time. The support you get from authorities and private companies makes the difference.

You can access the government’s EV Chargepoint Grant, where you can get £350 funding for installing a charging station in your home.

Uber is also supportive for drivers who choose to go electric with Uber Green and their Uber Clean Air Plan, where you can get financial help to access an electric car. As Splend is an official Uber partner, you can join our Flexi own plan and get a discount using your Clean Air EV Assistance. 

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