Our monthly On-demand news – December 2021 summary pulls together the latest ridesharing and on-demand driving updates. Here’s what’s happened in December:

Find out which are the preferred EVs of the year

Electric cars have become extremely popular throughout the year 2021 and the predictions are the trend will continue to increase in 2022. Among the favourites of the year was the Hyundai IONIQ, the first EV we brought to our London Hub

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Car finance vs. subscription – which one is better?

During your journey to becoming an Uber driver in London, you’ve probably wondered if you should buy a car for Uber, or if a car subscription is better for PCO driving. We compared both services from a price point of view and you can read it now.

Learn more about the difference between car finance and subscription

PHV Insurance: what you need to know

Private hire insurance (PHV insurance) is a legal requirement for all private hire drivers in London who pick up passengers that have booked their ride through a ride-hailing app. Therefore, you’ll need one if you’d like to be part of the ridesharing world.

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Meet Gabriel, last month’s winner of our Customer Reward Program prize

Gabriel is the perfect example of how you can get better at what you do if you decide to put in the time and effort. Through work and dedication, he raised his driving score from 2.6 to 4.7, made all his payments on time, started to improve as a member of the Splend community and as a driver – so we had to reward him for all his efforts.

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