Earn £200 Credit towards your weekly rental payment when you refer a friend

At Splend, we value your support and want to reward you for helping us grow our community. Whether you're a seasoned PCO driver or just starting out, our referral program offers you the opportunity to boost your earnings by bringing new drivers on board.

  • T&C's apply

How it works

  • Referral Bonus: Receive £200 credit towards your weekly payment for each person you refer who signs up for a Splend Flexi own plan. For a limited time we are also offering a £200 referral fee for anyone you refer to Splend to buy a used PCO EV outright.
  • Recipient Bonus: The person you refer also receives a £200 credit toward their weekly subscription payment (not available for outright used vehicle sales).
  • Eligibility: Sign up on our Referral Platform, share your unique code, and watch your rewards roll in.

Unlimited Bonuses

The more you refer, the more you earn! Refer 5 friends and receive up to £1,000. Refer 10 friends and receive up to £2,000. Your friends save too so it’s a Win-Win!

T&C's apply

Maximize Your Referral Revenue:

Ready to take your earnings to the next level? Follow these proven strategies to maximize your referral revenue and build a solid income stream with Splend.

  1. Referral Platform: Easily share your unique code via SMS, WhatsApp, or social media through our intuitive Referral Rock platform.
  2. Referral Cards: Keep referral cards handy to share your code with potential referrals in person.
  3. Social Media: Utilise your social networks to spread the word about Splend and spark interest among friends and followers.
  4. Splend Customer Events: Bring friends to our customer events to introduce them to Splend’s community and opportunities.

Referral Program FAQ

Start earning today

When will my referral bonus payment be paid?

  • You become eligible for a referral payment once the new customer you referred completes their onboarding and becomes a Splend customer. Please allow up to three weeks for the referral payment to be credited to your invoice after the customer you refer completes their onboarding.   

How will my referral payment be paid?

  • Should your referral payment be approved, the £200 payment will be credited against your weekly payment invoice.    

Who is eligible to be a referrer/inviter?

  • Anyone may be a referrer/inviter who (a) is a legal resident of the United Kingdom, (b) is of legal age in the United Kingdom, and (c) has an active Splend account in good standing. 

Who is eligible to be referred?

  • To receive a referral payment for referring someone who successfully joins Splend, your referral must (a) be a new Splend customer, (b) meet the conditions Splend has for joining our community, (c) use your referral code when they sign up, and (d) comply with the standard Splend Terms and Conditions.   
  • Please note: if you are providing Splend with the contact information for your referral, you represent that you have the right to provide that information. 

Will my referral payment be paid if I have an outstanding balance?

  • The referral payment will be used as credit against your outstanding balance.   

How can I find my referral code?

  • Your Customer Specialist will provide you with your unique referral code when you onboard Splend. If you forget your referral code, simply contact your Customer Specialist.  

How can I use my referral code?

  • Splend wants you to share your referral code and earn, but referral codes must be used only for personal and non-commercial purposes. This means that you can share your referral code only with people you know.   
  • Splend has the right to limit the number of times you may use or share your referral code based on the referral program in which you participate.   

Can I refer my friends to buy a used EV from Splend?

Yes! For a limited time we are extending our Referral rewards program to customers referring people to Splend to buy a Used PCO EV. Current Splend customers on a Flexi Own plan or those who have purchased a used vehicle outright from Splend shall be eligible for a £200 referral payment for any customer they refer to Splend to purchase a used vehicle outright until 30 June 2024. The referred individual will not receive a payment in the case of buying a used vehicle outright.

Am I eligible for a referral reward if I refer a customer who takes up a Flexi plan?

No, unfortunately our Flexi Plans are not eligible for the referral reward.

Unlock endless earning opportunities with Splend's referral program, and discover the freedom of our Flexi and Flexi own subscriptions.


Flexi own

Ideal for expert PCO drivers looking to own their car – the smart way.

  • Minimum term: From 26 weeks
  • Mileage: Up to 1000 miles included every week
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Try before you buy. Low commitment for new PCO drivers.

  • Minimum term: From 6 weeks
  • Mileage: 700 miles included every week
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