Ridesharing is a good way to earn an income regardless if you have a car or not. Most people believe it’s only for car owners, but you’d be surprised how many drivers simply choose a PCO car subscription for Uber.

Pros and rookies alike are starting to see the benefits of Uber car subscription and they find themselves asking the same questions. Over the years we’ve helped thousands of drivers get their driving careers into gear with our PCO car subscription plan. We get these questions almost every day, so we thought it was time to collect all the answers into a simple guide to subscribe to drive a car for Uber.

Does Uber have a car subscription program?

No, Uber have retired their car subscription program several years ago. Now, Uber partners with vehicle solutions companies like Splend to provide driver-partners with flexible access to Uber-ready cars.

Is it worth joining a car subscription for Uber driving?

Yes. Thousands of people choose car subscription for Uber instead of purchasing or financing a car, and it continues to get more and more popular. At Splend, we provide advanced coaching and training using data analytics, so you can maximise your earnings and become a safer, more fulfilled driver.

If you decide that car subscription is not for you, you can hand the car back after your minimum period at no cost, with a two-week notice period.

Can anyone join a PCO car subscription plan for Uber?

Yes, you can get started right away if you’re already an approved Uber driver. If you’re not, we can help you become an Uber driver. You also need to meet the driver requirements and have all the licences and documents needed , like the PCO licence. If you want to know what exactly the PCO licence is and how to get it, we can help with that too.

What is the best PCO car for Uber driving?

Small SUVs and estate cars are generally considered the best type of cars for Uber. Due to the extra legroom and boot space, your riders and you will be extra comfortable and safe, but they’re still compact enough to be easy to manoeuvre in the city traffic.

In London,  fully electric cars are becoming increasingly popular among on-demand drivers. It’s not just because they’re part of going green, but also because they’re exempt from the Congestion Charge and the ULEZ charge, saving money in the long run.

At Splend, we actively support green mobility and we provide our customers with the best cars for Uber. This is why we’ve partnered with Uber to help drivers gain access to our electric cars and make their best of the ridesharing career.

DID YOU KNOW? Splend is now an official Uber Clean Air Plan partner in London. Drivers can now use their Uber Clean Air EV Assistance savings to own an EV on a flexible, all-inclusive plan tailored for PHV drivers.

Owning an EV is now more affordable than ever!

We double your Uber EV assistance to reduce the cost of a brand-new EV


How much does it cost to get a PCO subscription car for Uber?

It will depend on your subscription provider. At Splend, our Uber-ready car subscriptions start at £219 per week.

Do I need to pay a deposit for PCO car subscription?

Most companies ask for a deposit which is usually 1-2 weeks’ payments in advance.

At Splend, we don’t ask for a deposit. You just pay a one-time joining fee and get access to our services, customer events, and partner discounts.

How often do I pay for my car subscription?

We charge weekly payments, always one week in advance. This means when you pick up your car, you’ll need to pay for the next week as well as the remaining days of the current week.

Paying in advance means we don’t have to issue credit. Less paperwork, quicker process, more flexibility.

Are there any additional costs involved in joining a car subscription for Uber ?

Yes, there will be other costs you’ll need to consider, such as excess mileage fees and insurance excess if you ever have an accident.

How do I get started with Uber car subscription?

Once you’re approved for Uber, it’s a simple case of signing your agreement and picking up the keys, and you’re ready to go.

Do I need a driving strategy for Uber?

Yes, we strongly recommend you have an Uber strategy in place. There’s a lot you can do to minimise your time on the road and maximise your income, but you need a plan. You need to put some thought into driving efficiently,  take the necessary steps to maintain a good Uber rating, and have a strategy in place to boost your earnings with tips.

At Splend, we provide you with a Customer Specialist who is always on hand with dedicated support to help drivers succeed.

What happens if I quit Uber driving?

If you no longer need the car, you can hand it back at no extra cost after the minimum period.

Like any subscription car, you need to return it with a full tank of fuel, cleaned inside and out, and with no damage.

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