The rideshare industry in the UK shifted in the past years, with a significant percentage of PCO cars now being fully electric. This has come as a result of the various incentives and measures the UK Government or private rideshare companies like Uber offered to encourage PCO drivers to switch to green mobility 

Driving an electric car for Uber can help you in many ways — it leaves more money in your pocket, offers plenty of benefits and discounts while having a smooth driving experience, and you get to enjoy Uber’s efforts in improving your experience as an EV driver.  

If you’re still on the fence about driving an electric car for Uber, here are some reasons why you should make the switch.  

1. Lower running costs 

Contrary to popular belief, driving an electric car can actually be cheaper than driving a traditional petrol car since you’re saving consistently both on fuel and maintenance. 

Filling up your EV can be up to 50% cheaper than filling your petrol car, depending on where and how you choose to charge your EV 

Let’s take the MG ZS EV and its petrol equivalent, for example. For a weekly distance of 700 miles, you’d pay £73 to charge your MG ZS EV and £140 to fill up the MG ZS Petrol. That’s £67 saved weekly only on fuel.  

You’re also saving on regular maintenance. While servicing an EV can still be pricy compared to a petrol car, the good news is that you won’t need it that often. With fewer parts to break down, no internal combustion engine, no oil change and an extended battery warranty, your EV will require servicing less frequently compared to a petrol car. 

Did you know? If you join our Flexi or Flexi own subscription plans, you no longer have to worry about servicing costs, as they’re included in your subscription fee.  

2. Increased Uber earnings 

Uber is a big supporter of the green revolution, aiming to have a fully-electric fleet in London by 2025. That’s why it offers numerous benefits to drivers who switch to EVs: 

To make driving an EV even easier, Uber plans to roll out new features this year – priority pick-up for Uber Green drivers at Heathrow Airport, smart charging features in the Uber Driver App and eco-friendly routes recommended by the Uber app. 

3. No Congestion and ULEZ charge 

By driving an electric car in London, you’re also exempt from paying the Congestion Charge and the ULEZ Charge, saving £27.50 each day. This also removes the hassle of paying the charges to avoid hefty fines.  

As an EV driver, you’re also exempt from paying the UK road tax, and you get to enjoy discounted rates, and even free resident parking permits in London, depending on your borough. 

4. Access to Zero emission and Low emission streets 

Several areas in London have become Zero or Low emission, allowing only non-polluting vehicles to enter certain streets. If you’re driving an EV, access to Zero and Low emission streets gives you an advantage over drivers in petrol cars since you don’t have to decline rides within these areas. 

5. Safe future prospects 

To reduce the harmful consequences of vehicles’ CO2 emissions, the UK Government plans to be zero-emission by 2050, and is making consistent efforts towards this goal, especially in the Private Hire industry. 

Starting January 2023, all PHVs licensed for the first time in London must be Zero Emission capable and meet the Euro 6 emission standard. Therefore, if you want to get a new car, it has to meet the new emission standards to use it for Uber driving.  

The UK Government also plans to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars in 2035, so the only choice for drivers wanting to buy a new car will be electric vehicles. 

Uber is working as well to a zero-emission goal, aiming to have a fully electric fleet in London by 2025. With all these measures in place, driving an EV for Uber is the safest bet.  

What do Uber drivers say about switching to an EV for rideshare? 

Most of our customers decided to switch to electric cars, so we asked a few how this move changed their rideshare game. 

Switching from a petrol hybrid to a fully-electric Volkswagen ID.3 helped me boost my earnings. When I drove the petrol hybrid, adding up fuel expenses, the Congestion charge I had to pay in the city centre and other costs I had to cover myself, I was paying £140 per week. Now, it costs me just £5 per day to fully charge my car with my home charger, so I get to save at least £100 each week. – Iijaz, rideshare driver for two years 

Read Ijaz’s story  

You have many benefits as an EV Uber driver, from access to the Uber Clean Air Fund to getting points and discounted charging fees with the Uber Pro Rewards program. 

I spend around £160 a month on charging my EV. I would previously spend £30-35 a day to fill up my petrol hybrid, so I’m now saving around £600 a month. – George, rideshare driver for nine years 

Read George’s story 

How can Splend help you? 

If you’re interested in switching to an electric car but don’t want to pay for it outright or commit to a car finance deal, our subscription plans are a hassle-free, flexible alternative to car finance.  

At Splend, we help on-demand drivers access brand-new EV models with our all-inclusive subscription plans, Flexi and Flexi own. 

Our plans cover everything rideshare drivers need to get on the road: 

  • PHV licence, car tax + MOT 
  • PHV insurance  
  • Servicing 
  • Replacement tyres and brakes 
  • 24/7 roadside assistance 
  • Replacement car in case of an accident.   

We also value performance and progress, so our team is there to help drivers succeed in everything they do. We offer dedicated support from day one and help you make a driving strategy and become a more profitable and successful rideshare driver.   

About Splend

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