Testimonials Our members say it better than anyone else.


Ijaz chose the Volkswagen ID.3 because this high quality car is tailor-made for driving Uber on the busy London streets and it only costs him only £5 per day to run. Hear his story here >>


Bhavin recommends the Volkswagen ID.3 because it’s comfortable, safe and saves him £200 per week on fuel. Hear his story here >>


For Badawi, the transition to an electric car was very smooth. It’s efficient and easy to drive, especially in the city. It has enough range for his daily needs whilst saving him around £300-400 a month. Hear his story here >>


George switched to an EV and is now saving £600 each month whilst also enjoying the driving experience that comes with electric cars. Hear his story here >>


An early adopter, Ismael’s love for the environment was the driving force for his EV switch. Hear his story here >>


A seasoned veteran of London’s roads, Olalekan Ibraheem has been driving with Bolt for two years now. Ola was one of our first members to pick up his Hyundai Ioniq Electric on our Flexi own plan. Hear his story here >>


A long-serving Splend member, Daniel picked up the keys to a brand-new Hyundai IONIQ Electric and said there is a long list of people ready for a ride. Hear his story here >>


Arunsi Uka Osim has the type of smile that lights up an entire room, and the crew at our Member Support Centre had the pleasure to experience his infectious energy when he came to pick up his brand-new MG5 EV. Hear his story here >>


Our first member to take full ownership of his car, Gurinder was completely new to ridesharing when he first came to Splend. He chose us because he found our services “very easy to use” and the team helped him gather all the paperwork and get started with Uber. Hear his story here >>


Tiago believes flexibility is paramount for success, just as we do at Splend. Tiago says, above everything else, his adaptability is the most important factor that makes him an outstanding driver. His advice is to sign up with all the on-demand apps you can, so you can rely on different audiences and earn a consistent income. Hear his story here >>


Olivier juggles multiple on-demand delivery and rideshare platforms to earn an income, and puts his weekly payments towards owning his Kia Niro on our Flexi own plan. Shortly after he started driving the first COVID-19 lockdown was announced, but he didn’t let the difficulties get the best of him and came out stronger on the other end. Hear his story here >>


Richie was among the first Splend members to diversify his activity and use his car for deliveries in addition to his routine ridesharing gigs. When PCO driving started getting difficult during the first lockdown, Richie was already armed with plenty of experience as an Amazon Flex driver to know he’s going to be fine. Hear his story here >>


What started as a routine maintenance on his Splend car, ended in William pocketing the keys to a brand-new Hyundai IONIQ Electric. Goodbye oil changes, hello increased earnings! Hear his story here >>


Richard Owusu is a fashionable man and his impressive look just got a boost with his award-winning Hyundai IONIQ Electric from Splend. Hear his story here >>

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What documents do I need for signing up?

  • Driver’s licence
  • Proof of address
  • National Insurance number
  • PCO licence and badge

How much does it cost to get started?

New members pay a £199 joining fee. Weekly electric car subscriptions start at £225.

Our billing week runs Monday – Sunday. When collecting your electric car, you’ll pay a day rate for the remainder of the week, including collection day. If you pick up your electric car on billing day (Thursday) or later into the week, we’ll also charge the next week’s subscription fee as part of your first invoice.

For example, if you collect your electric car on a Friday, we’ll charge you the joining fee, a day rate for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, as well as a full week’s subscription fee covering your second week.

Please note, our prices always include VAT.
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