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Hyundai IONIQ coming soon to Splend's Rent plan - PCO cars for rent London

Splend UK Welcomes the New Hyundai IONIQ Hybrid

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New 2019 Hyundai hybrid to join Splend’s Rent & Rent-to-Buy lineup We’re adding a new hybrid option to our Rent & Rent-to-Buy plans: the 2019 Hyundai IONIQ Hybrid is guaranteed to impress you as well as your riders! Keeping running costs low and maintaining high rider satisfaction is key to your success, so we’re…

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How do I become an Uber driver in London?

How Do I Become an Uber Driver in London?

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Earn a flexible income driving with Uber in London! Are you ready to earn a flexible income and be your own boss? The steps below will guide you through the journey to getting started with Uber. The good news is if it looks like too much fuss, Splend is here…

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Uber Driver app

New Uber driver app reviewed

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After months of feedback, research, and interviews with their drivers, Uber launched a new and improved Uber Driver app. We recently reviewed the new Uber Driver app and tested each of the features with our Members. Below are the results. One of the main new features of the Driver app…

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Member Success Representative

7 tips to become a 5-star Uber Driver

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Below is a guide prepared by the Uber Guru containing 7 tips to become a 5-star Uber Driver. 1. Have a smooth ride One of the most important factors to becoming a 5-star Uber driver is the quality of your car. Most passengers switched from taxi’s to Uber for the increased…

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Member Event 1

What is a Splend Member Event?

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Splend has created a community of engaged and connected Uber drivers through regular Member Events. At Member Events, attendees enjoy a range of delicious food and drinks, participate in fun activities and get the opportunity to network with other Uber drivers. Additionally, these events are used to provide Members with…

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Splend UK Welcomes the Kia Niro 2 Self-Charging Hybrid

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The ‘first cab off the rank’ in Splend’s Rent & Rent-to-Buy plans We are pleased to announce the first hybrid option to our Rent plan: Kia Niro 2 Hybrid, the car of choice for professional PCO drivers. Get ready for eco-friendly driving! The Kia Niro Self-Charging Hybrid employs a parallel hybrid system that switches between…

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